of the III-d International scientific - practical conference

"Artificial intelligence - 2002"

September 16-20, 2002

Katsively settlement, Crimea, Ukraine

The third International scientific-practical conference "Artificial intelligence-2002" took place from September 16 till September 20, 2002 in Katsively settlement (Crimea, Ukraine). It was organized under the initiative of Institute of Artificial Intelligence of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (rector - Anatoly Ivanovich Shevchenko), Informatics department of NAS of Ukraine, Scientific research institute of multiprocessing computer systems of Ministry of Education of Russian Federation and Russian Academy of Sciences of Taganrog state radio engineering University (director - Igor Anatolyevich Kalyaev), Russian Academy of Sciences, with participation of Taganrog state radio engineering University.

The conference passed in the form of plenary, section settings and discussions. Alongside with the conference the exhibition of achievements in the field of hardware-software means of intellectual technologies creation, intellectual robotics systems was organized (working samples of robots were presented). Within the framework of the conference the Second international tournament on virtual football was held. Simultaneously with the work of the conference the Scientific youth school "Intellectual robots - 2002" (IR - 2002) was organized.

235 scientists and post-graduates representing 75 scientific and industrial organizations, institutes and universities of Ukraine, Russia, China, the USA, Poland and other countries of the world took part in the work of the conference.

Unique scientific reports were presented by the following scientists well known all over the world: academician of Russian Academy of Sciences Kalyaev Anatoly Vasilyevich (Scientific research institute of multiprocessing computer systems of Taganrog state radio engineering university, Russia); academician of Russian Academy of Sciences Ohotsimsky Dmitry Evgenyevich (Institute of applied mathematics on the name of M.V. Keldysh of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia); professor Kalyaev Igor Anatolyevich (Scientific research institute of multiprocessing computer systems of Taganrog state radio engineering university, Russia); professor Shevchenko Anatoly Ivanovich (Donetsk state institute of artificial intelligence, Ukraine); professor Galushkin Alexander Ivanovich (Scientific neurocomputer center, Russia); professor Li Dgilin (Zeynangsk university, China); Professor Chipashvili Shota Shotovich (Inter-regional scientific and technical complex " Applied information technologies and systems ", Russia); professor Pavlovsky Vladimir Evgenyevich (Moscow state university on the name of М.V. Lomonosov, Russia); professor Jurevich Evgeny Ivanovich (Central scientific research institute of robotics and cybernetics, Russia); professor Vasilyev Vladimir Ivanovich (International scientific - educational center of information technologies and systems, Ukraine); professor Koval Valery Nikolaevich (Institute of cybernetics on the name of V.M. Glushkov, Ukraine); professor Shelepov Vladislav Juryevich (Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Ukraine); professor Alsederov Zaynuddin Magasharipovich (Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine); professor Samsonovich Alexey Vladimirovich (George Mason University, the USA); Setlak Galina (university Rzheshkov, Poland) and many others, and also post-graduates, young scientists, students who have presented their scientific institutes and university centers of Ukraine, Russia, China, the USA, Poland and other countries. They made their reports with new scientific and applied results.

On the plenary and sectional meetings of the conference were listened 137 reports and announcements, were discussed numerous problems as well as perspectives of Artificial Intelligence Systems development.

Nine sections, functioning simultaniously, included the following topics of interest:

  1. Conceptual principles of artificial intelligence.
  2. Intelligence multiprocessor systems.
  3. Hardware-software and mathematical means of artificial intelligence and their application.
  4. Algorithmic and mathematical bases of artificial intelligence. Optimization of calculations.
  5. Computerization of natural languages.
  6. Intellectual robots.
  7. Recognition of images.
  8. Multiagent systems. Safety of information technologies.
  9. Neuroprocessor systems.

Within the framework of the conference the following working tables were organized: "Computerization of natural languages", "Neuronet technologies and artificial consciousness", "Meeting of leading scientists with scientific youth".

The participants of the conference showed high activity and great interest. There was an intensive exchange of opinions and information between the participants. More than 68 young scientists, teachers and post-graduates took part in the work of the conference.

Materials of the conference are published in:

  1. The collection of thesis reports of the conference (SRI MCS TRTU, Taganrog, Russia).
  2. International scientific-theoretical journal "Artificial intelligence" (IAI, Donetsk, Ukraine. Reports were put into a shape of scientific articles).

The following has been marked:

  1. Researches and developments in the field of artificial intelligence, intellectual systems, computer technologies and adjacent spheres are really actual and appreciably determine the basic direction of modern world scientific progress.
  2. The great experience and significant volume of theoretical and applied researches in the field of artificial intelligence are accumulated in Ukraine, Russian Federation and in other CIS countries. There is also highly skilled staff of scientists and experts possessing great scientific potential.
  3. It is necessary to pay attention to perfection of new conceptual basis of intellectual systems, new generations of multiprocessing, information and robotics systems, possessing technical hearing, sight, artificial consciousness, opportunities of images recognition training.
  4. Available theoretical and experimental results of researches allow creating of highly parallel multiprocessing intellectual systems industrial samples in the nearest years, exceeding already existing modern analogues according to its parameters.

Deciding part

Participants of the conference have taken the decision:

  1. To continue theoretical and applied researches in the field of artificial intelligence systems creation, computer technologies, modern computer technical equipment; to exchange experience and results of researches at joint conferences, symposiums, seminars periodically. It is recognized expedient to continue perfection of terminological and conceptual device of the scientific researches connected to creation of systems of artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness.

  2. To address National academies of sciences of Ukraine, Russia, China, the USA, Poland and national ministries of science with the offer: to develop on the basis of the conference conclusions special researches programs of present artificial intelligence conference pressing questions. To present the results to higher instances for them to be financed as state important national scientific programs.

  3. To make an offer to national Ministries of Education of countries - participants of the conference: to take steps to improve the existing curriculums connected to intellectual information technologies, intellectual information means and systems, intellectual robotics means and systems, means of modern computer techniques and artificial intelligence.

  4. To award with diplomas champions of the International tournament on virtual football on a prize of the president of football club "Shahter" Renat Ahmetov:

    To express gratitude and to award with the certificate of honour and the monetary premium in the sum $ 100 Pavlovsky Vladimir Evgenyevich for the great contribution to organization of the International tournament on virtual football and popularization of intellectual computer games.

    For the best section reports to award the following young scientists with the monetary premium in the sum of 50 grivnas to everyone: Vitko Alexandra Valeryevna, Paklin Nikolay Borisovich, Ryhalskiy Alexey Juryevich, Repalov Sergey Anatolyevich, Shuklin Dmitry Evgenyevich, Murygin Kiril Valeryevich, Knyazkov Maxim Mihaylovich, Oleshko Dmitry Nikolaevich.

    1. Taking into account the growing interest of scientists all around the world to problems of artificial intelligence to enter an additional section "Philosophical bases of artificial and natural intelligence" into the program of the IV-th International conference "Artificial intelligence - 2003".

    2. To continue annual conferences by turns in Russia and in Ukraine taking into account the state importance of scientific researches in the field of artificial intelligence and the experience received from carrying out I, II and III International conferences "Artificial intelligence - 2000", "Intellectual and multiprocessing systems - 2001", "Artificial intelligence - 2002". To carry out the IV-th International conference "Intellectual and multiprocessing systems - 2003" in September, 2003 in Russia.

    3. To note a high scientific and organizational level of scientific - practical conference "the Artificial intelligence - 2002".

    4. The given decision is prepared in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages in five copies having identical legal validity.

    Co-chairmen of the conference
from the Ukrainian side

Doctor of Tech. Sc., prof.А.I. Shevchenko


Cor.-memb. NASU V.A. Ivanov

the scientific secretary

Candidate of Tech. Sc.,I.S. Salnikov

from the Russian side

Doctor of Tech. Sc., prof. I.А. Kalyaev

the scientific secretary

Candidate of Tech. Sc., senior lecturer A.P. Kuharenko

from Program committee

acad. RAS А.V. Kalyaev


acad. RAS D.E. Ohotsimsky


Doctor of Phis. and Math. Sc., prof. V.Ju. Shelepov