International Scientific Practical Conference

Artificial Intelligence.

Intellectual and Multiprocessor Systems



24 September 29 September 2006. Katsively, Crimea, Ukraine


On behalf of Belarus

On behalf of Russia On behalf of Ukraine

Goal of the Conference

The goal of the conference is to unite efforts of scientists of different countries in development of fundamental and applied research and development in the area of perspective directions of modern information technologies and their practical realization in different spheres of human activities.

Directions of work

The following measures will be taken alongside with the work of the conference:
- International scientific youth schools: Highly Productive Calculation Systems and Nero Informatics and Associative Memory Systems.
- International tournament on virtual football.
- Conference Mechatronics, Automation, Control.

International Programming Committee

A.I. Shevchenko full prof. (IAIP of NASU and MESU, c.Donetsk, Ukraine) - co-chairman
I.A. Kalyaev corr. member of RAS (SRI MCS TSRTU, Taganrog, Russia) - co-chairman
S.V. Ablameiko corr. member of NASB (NASB, Minsk, Belarus) - co-chairman
V.F. Bardachenko ph.d-r of Techn.Schence (Center of Timer Calculation Systems IC after V.M. Glushkov of the UNAS, Kiev, Ukraine)
A.S. Bugayov academician of RAS (MPTI, Moscow, Russia)
M.K. Buza full prof. (BSU, Minsk, Belarus)
V.V. Voevodin corresp. member of RAS (SRCC of the MSU, Moscow, Russia)
A.I. Galushkin full prof. (Scientific Center of Neuro-computers, Moscow, Russia)
V.P. Gladun full prof. (IC after V.M.Glushkov of NASU, Kiev, Ukraine)
Yu.V. Gulyaev academician of RAS (IREA of RAS, Moscow, Russia)
Yu.G. Krivonos corr.member of NASU (IC after V.M.Glushkov of NASU, Kiev,Ukraine)
B.V. Kryzhanovski full prof. (IONT of RAS, Moscow,Russia)
V.M. Kuntsevich academician of NASU (Institute of Space research of NASU, Kiev, Ukraine)
A.N. Kurbatski full prof. (BSU, Minsk, Belarus)
V.A. Labunov academician of NASB (BSUIR, Minsk, Belarus)
B.M. Lobanov full prof. (NASB, Minsk,Belarus)
V.A. Lopota corr.member of RAS (CSRI of RTC, Sanct-Petersberg, Russia)
Li Dzhilin full prof. (Chzhestzyanski University, Khanchzhou, China)
V.M. Matrosov academician of RAS (Moscow, Russia)
V.F. Machulin corr.member of NASU (HAC of Ukraine,Kiev,Ukraine)
A.L. Mikaelyan academician of RAS (IONT of RAS, Moscow, Russia)
V.E. Pavlovski full prof. (MSU, Moscow, Russia)
A.V. Papaguin corr.member of NASU (IC after V.M.Glushkov of NASU, Kiev, Ukraine)
A.A. Petrovski full prof. (BSUIR, Minsk, Belarus)
I.V. Sergienko academician of NASU (IC after V.M.Glushkov of NASU, dep. Of Informatics of NASU, Kiev, Ukraine)
A.S. Sigov full prof. (Moscow, Russia)
V.I. Sidorenko d-r of Phys. and Math. Sciences (Presidium of NASU, Dep. Of Informatics of NASU, Kiev, Ukraine)
V.V. Skopetski corr. member of NASU (IC after V.M.Glushkov of NASU, Kiev, Ukraine)
V.I. Skurikhin academician of NASU (MSUC of Information technologies and Systems of NASU and MESU, Kiev, Ukraine)
I.V. Sovpel full prof. (BSU, Minsk,Belarus)
E.D. Teryaev corr.member of RAS (Presidium of RAS, Moscow, Russia)
Yu.S. Harin corr.member of RAS (Novosibirsk, Russia)
V.G. Horoshevsky corr.member of RAS (Novosibirsk, Russia)
A.A. Chkri corr.member of NASU (IC after V.M.Glushkov of NASU, Kiev, Ukraine)
V.Yu.Shelepov full prof. (IAIP of NASU and MESU, c. Donetsk, Ukraine)

General Information

Time and place of the conference

The conference AI - IMS'2006 is to be held from September 24 till September 29 in the settlement of Katsiveli, which is situated on the Crimean peninsular in Ukraine. The settlement of Katsiveli is located between the cape of Foros and Alupka, at the foot of the mountain Koshka. This is one of the few places of the Crimean coast where modern beaches are combined with the nature of the sea shore untouched by the civilization.

24.09.2006 - the day of arrival, registration

25.09.2006 - 28.09.2006 - the work of the conference

29.09.2006 - the day of departure

Publications of the conference

The materials of the conference will be published in the following editions (requirement for the publication are enclosed).

  1. Collection of Materials of the Conference (SRI MCS TSRTU, Taganrog, Russia).
  2. In the international scientific-theoretical journal Artificial Intelligence (a special publication, IAIP, Donetsk, Ukraine), where reports selected by the programming committee and done in the form of articles, will be published. The journal is enlisted into the leading scientific journals and editions, approved by the HAC of Ukraine.
  3. In the journal Izvestiya of TRTU (News of TSRTU)(a special publication, TSRTU, Taganrog, Russia), where the best reports, according to the results of the conference, will be published (the journal is enlisted into the leading scientific journals and publications, approved by the HAC of Russia). Payment for the publication in the Izvestiya of TRTU is done separately.
  4. In the journals Bulletin of Computer and Information Technologies and Mechatronics, Automation, Control.
Payment for the publication in the journals Bulletin of Computer and Information Technologies and Mechatronics, Automation, Control is done separately.

The working languages are: Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, English.

Financial terms

I. Full-time participation

Participation fee for those from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and close foreign countries is $ 50 (including VAT).
Participation fee for post-graduates and students - $25 ( including VAT).
Participation fee for foreigners - $85 ( including VAT).
The participation fee is paid on terms of an agreement, concluded between the organization a participant belongs to and the Organizing Committee after receiving an application and it includes the participation fee for expenses for organization, services, communication, rent of the conference hall and technical aids, also publication in the bulletin of the conference (one volume) and the journal "Artificial Intelligence" (one issue).

II. Part-time participation

Publication of materials in the bulletin of the conference - $7 (including VAT). The deadline of application is 1.06.2006.
Publication of an article - $10 (including VAT). The deadline of application is 15.06.2006
It is necessary to point out the following in the payment order: "Fee for full-time participation of (name, surname) in the conference "AR-IMS 2006", including VAT, which is 20%.

III. Participation in the conference is allowed without submitting reports, but the fee for part-time participation is to be paid.

The organization fee is to be paid either while being registered for the conference or transferred according to the following requisites:

In roubles
119034, c. Moscow, Prechstenskaya Naberezhnaya, 9
BIC: 044525545, INN: 771003041
Cor.acc. MMB in RFCB 30101810300000000545
Type "K" - 401463 RUR 4030 02(30122810500010167603)
Branch OAO "UKREXIMBANK" in c. Donetsk,
MFO 334817, acc.260020151509 OK 02095826
Receiver: Institute of Artificial Intelligence Problems
In dollars
RUSSIA: International Moscow Bank
BIC 044525545
cor. acc. 30101810300000000545
INN 7710030411
cor. acc. 30231810400010494875
Donetsk branch: S.W.I.F.T.: EXBSUAUX
acc. 2600201511509
VO 21010 (code of type of operation)
02095826, 33817
Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Destination of the payment: Fee for participating in the conference AI-IMS 2006, incl.20% of VAT.
The term of the fee transfer is till 15.08.2006.
It is important to have a copy of a payment order with a seal of a bank on it.

IV. Abode and meals.

Cost of abode with three meals service a day in the House of Creation of Scientists "Katsiveli" for one day and night is: In a one-bed room 40 .., In a two-bed room - 30 .., In a first class one-bed room - 70 .. Payment for abode and meals is done in the place of abode.

Secretariat of Programming and Organizing Committee

On problems of participation in the conference one should apply the following:

347928, Russia, c. Taganrog, Chekhov St., 2, SRI MCS TSRTU
Telephone numbers for information: (8634) 615-459, 315-493
Fax: (8634) 36-03-76, E-mail:
Kukharenko Anatoli Pavlovich
Bronzov Vladimir Olegovich

83050, Ukraine, c. Donetsk, B. Khmelnitski pr., 84, IAI
Telephone numbers for information: + 10 38 (062) 337-33-35, 337-01-70
Fax: +10 38 (062) 304-60-82, E-mail:
Ivanova Svetlana Borisovna
Piguz Valentina Nikolaevna

220050, Nelarus, c. Minsk, F. Skoriny pr., 4, BSU
Telephone numbers for information: +10 (375 17) 209-54-05, 209-51-08
Krakhotko Valeri Vasilievich
Roubashko Natalia Konstantinovna

Application for participation in the conference

Applications should be submitted to the Organizing Committee not later than 01.06.2006 by e-mail

Materials to be published in the conference bulletin should come to the Organizing Committee not later than 15.06.2006 by -mail:

The materials for reports which are received will be included into the program of the conference and recommended for publication after being approved by the Organizing Committee.

for participation in the conference AI-IMS 2006

Full name ___________________________________

Place of work ( full name and address) _____________

Post, scientific degree, academic status _____________

Address for invitation __________________________

Telephone ____________ Fax _________ E-mail ____________

Title of the report _________________________

Section __________________________________

Report    Stand report    without a report    part-time participation