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Section No 2
"Computerization of Natural Languages"

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September, 12
D.P. Shishkov, the chairman , Doctor of Technical Science, professor

  • Totkov George A.
  • Resources and tools for computerization of Bulgarian language (1988-2000)

    Our global idea is to automatise the processes of extracting, building and updating of linguistic resources and computer tools for Bulgarian language. During last years (1988-2000) effective techniques and computer tools have been proposed that realized this idea. Methods for research of text corpora and automatic extraction of unknown grammatical characteristics and structures are offered and applied.

  • A.V. Agranovsky, D.A. Lednov, candidates of technical science,
    S.A. Repalov, Telesnin B.A.
  • System of Automatic Classification of Russian Phonemes by Its Studying by Means of Group Registration of Arguments

    The publication has two aims. First of all, to investigate the accuracy of system work that classifies the Russian phonemes in the unbroken speech by its studying by means of group registration of the arguments (MGRA). Then, with the help of the MGRA to clear up the hidden dependence between the characteristics of the spectral segments of the phonemes that allow to distinguish one phoneme from another.

  • Yu.I. Kislenko, candidate of technical science,G.A. Ampleyeva
  • About Simulation of Correlation "Reality - Text"

    The direction of informational technologies connected with the transformation of "Reality - Text" is considered. There is a case of the modeling of the situation when the autonomous robot equipped by the system of visual information perception and having the definite knowledge about the perceived objects and the used system of spatial relations, forms the description of the arbitrary scene in the textual form. Here the peculiarities of the systems of the image and symbolical information processing are integrated.

  • E.B. Kozerenko,candidate of philosophy science
  • Cognitive and Linguistic Simulation of Full Textual Scientific Documents

    The given work is devoted to the solving of the global problem of computer textology, connected with the conducting of theoretical investigations of the cognitive mechanisms of scientific documents formation that contain the structural graphical and verbal graphic elements. It is also connected with the establishment of the accordance between the semantic objects (plan of content) and the means of expression plan.

  • G.V. Savvina
  • Apportionment of Russian Words out of Joint Text Recognizing the Joint Speech

    The giving task suggests the principal scheme of system of automatic recognition of the joint speech and describes some of its components.

    September, 13
    D.P. Shishkov, the chairman, Doctor of Technical Science, professor

  • Z.V. Panchenko, junior research assistant,
    O.P. Sergeyeva, P.V. Vermizov
  • Peculiarities and Program Decisions of Organization of Distant Studying Courses

    Nowadays there is a great number of processed methods of knowledge reception that are far from the center of studying. The rapid scientific and technical progress roused only the interest towards them by means of obstacles rubbing out that are conditioned by the distance. The theme of distant education touches lots of questions, most of them have been not highlighted yet. In the article the authors try to suggest their points of view to the problem of processing of the distant studying courses.

  • V.Yu. Shelepov, O.A. Dorohin,
    D.G. Starushko, E.E. Fedorov
  • About Problem of Speech Signal Segmentation

    The authors offered several methods of speech fragment division to pieces that correspond to definite allophones.

  • A.V. Yakovlev
  • Settings Changing in Representation History about Possible Ways of Automatic Segmentation of Sounded Speech

    The settings changing in the representation history of the scientists, first of all, the linguists about possible ways of sounded speech segmentation is considered in the article.

  • A.E. Lepsky, candidate of physical and mathematical science, associate professor
  • Two Approaches to Receiving of Minimal Polygonal Representation of Contour

    Two new methods of allocation of control points of contour in the field of recognition of the flat two measured images are considered and compared.

  • A.V. Tsheblykin,senior research assistant, candidate of technical science
  • Construction of Speech Units as Basis of Conception of "Construction-Studying" in Language Mastering

    The conception of language studying and of acquisition of the speech skills by the construction of lingual and speech elements was suggested. The alphabet of the construction is the hierarchical multileveled structure of language names and the phonetic elements of speech. The rules of the construction are based on the semantics of the reality reflection in the language, communicative activity and phonetic laws of the speech. In the process of construction the person who studies interacts with the "explained" surrounding.

  • P.N. Denisenko,candidate of physical and mathematical science
    A.A. Letichevsky,V.A. Volkov,
  • ASP as Mean of Computerization of Mathematics

    In this article the method of constructive computerization of the Mathematics by means of algebraic program system (APS) is described. Its application to the mathematical education and investigation is described as well. The effectiveness of the method is illustrated by the classical mathematical tasks. Some of those tasks are new for the computer algebraic systems.