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Section No 3
"Computerization of Natural Languages"

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September, 13
I.A. Kalyaev, the chairman, Doctor of Technical Science, professor

  • D.E. Ohotsimsky, academician of RAS, V.E. Pavlovsky,
    Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science,
    A.G. Plahov, A.N. Tuganov
  • Simulation of Game of Robots Football Players and Basic Algorithms of Their Control

    The article is devoted to the simulation of the team of robots football players and their game. The mechanical models, the simulation system and the basic algorithms of control are represented. The simulation has two main aims: to process the basic system of computer football and to work out the ground for the processing of different algorithms of control for the system of control mechanism.

  • E.P. Kirikova, V.E.Pavlovsky, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science,
  • Modeling Task of Neural Control by Point Movement in Field of Gravity Power

    The article is devoted to the problem of the synthesis of neural control by the movement of mechanical objects. The modeling task of construction of investigation of neural controller that controls the initial parameters.

  • L.N. Nikiforova, E.A. Petrosyan, G.V. Yakemenko
  • Neural Computers in Helicopters Operating

    The development of the energetic and mobile possibilities of modern helicopters brings to the necessity to devise the systems of helicopters operating on the base of progressive methods of control theory and the neural networks usage, in particular. In the report the different applications of neural computers, that allow to extend the mobile possibilities and the security of modern helicopters flight, are considered.

  • V.I. Shirayev
  • About Control of Robots Football Team as Tasks of Control in Conditions of Inexact Information

    The task of robots football team control that plays with another robots team is considered. One of the robots team is considered as the distributed objects in the space in conditions of inexact information about another team.

  • V.F. Bardachenko, Doctor of Technical Science
  • Conceptual Fundamentals of Time Triple Coding Application in Systems of Information Defense

    The methods of Coding are considered. The authors worked out the software that realized the blocked gaming using G-sequences, the symbols of which belonged to the alphabets with different foundations ( in particular, the binary and triple G–sequences were used.) The authors confirm that coding of different information with the help of the blocked gaming is the comfortable enough mean of true information concealing from the not sanctioning access.

  • S.I. Kishinskiy
  • Usage of New Principles of Staff Identification by Defence of Information Territory, Objects of Distributed Informational Systems

    The complex of protection means using the new principles of providing of the informational security of informational systems is suggested. The analysis of identification means and devices shows a common, very important imperfection, i.e. they all do not provide the safety of functions of the KD and ECKD systems. The main idea of the identifier called SecuriKey is in the usage of the information bearer programmed by the user manually. It means that there is no possibility of loss of information of the key while loosing, steeling it, not sanctioning copying and some other attempts of not sanctioning usage.


    September, 14
    I.A. Kalyaev, the chairman, Doctor of Technical Science, professor

  • B.V. Paluh, Doctor of Technical Science, professor
  • Diagnostics of Hazardous Objects of City Property

  • S.A. Polivtsev, candidate of technical science
  • Principles of Control System Building with Unclear Logic for Intelligent Mobile Robot

    The constructions of controlled system of the mobile robot are considered. The principles of controlled system building are formed on the base of the unclear logic.

  • N.I. Romanenko, M.B. Koshevtsov
  • Virtual Model of Intelligent Mobile Robot Control and Its Interface

    The control ways of the intelligent mobile robot movement are under consideration. The work of virtual model of the mobile robot creation has been done, with the help of which the investigations of MR behavior, the analysis and movement planning, the exact movements at the given trajectory are conducted.

  • V.E. Pranichnikov, V.A. Pavlov, N.S. Teleshev,
    S.V. Mashin, E.A. Shipovalov, A.I. Znobitshev,
    Yu.G. Kulikova, G.R. Babich
  • Intellectualization of Supervising Control by Mobile Robot

    The mobile robot for the chemical intelligence services equipped by the ultrasonic sensors and hanging instruments is described in the paper. Much attention is paid to the data processing in the real time, to the mathematical modeling and the modeling of control. The description of the models of three components of SC: 1) filter and data interpreter; 2) system of route showing; 3) algorithm of monitoring of the extended landmarks (walls, borders of soiled zones and so on). The work develops the published results.

  • Andr. I. Shevchenko
  • Robot Self Education as Characteristic of Artificial Intelligence

    The realization of the multileveled system of multiprocessing control of the mobile robot is under consideration in this article. Great attention is paid to the self education and self perfection problem of the systems of low level based on the AT91x40yyy microprocessor of Atmel firm.

  • R.V. Vermizov
  • Algorithm of Discrete Movements for Control of Wheeled Mobile Robot Movement

    The plan of the movement for the mobile robot means the solving of the tasks in the field of the controlled movement and the optimization of the received control. In the given article the author borders the controlled parameters for the wheeled robot as to the task and in consideration of the mechanics. The algorithm of plan building of the movement on the base of beforehand calculated possibilities of mechanic movement of the robot is suggested to be realized.

  • A.V. Tolok,candidate of technical science, associate professor
  • Vivid Analysis in Intelligent Systems

    The elaboration of the analysis of the mean that functions by means of figurative processing of the data is investigated in the offered work. On the base of the suggested approach to the reflection of the differential characteristics of investigated data the complicated model of the image is formed. This model allows to project the specialized experienced blocks for its processing.

  • N.B. Tolok, candidate of technical science
  • Interactive Expert and Searching System on Base of Apparatus

    The conceptual description of interactive expert and searching system is represented in this article. Alike the other existed informational and searching systems this one is based on the principles of the experienced assessment by means of the modules connected the grammar rules.